Bayou Classic Stainless Braided Hose / Regulator Assembly, 5-PSi

This Bayo Classic hose/regulator is a direct replacement to Bayou Classic turkey fryers and models 2212,SQ14, and 1114. I features high pressure output, and stainless braided construction.

List Price:$30.00


You save:$4.00

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Camco 59023 Propane Gauge/Leak Detector

The Camco RV Propane/Gauge Leak Detector is designed to allow you to see at a glance when your propane level is low. It fits all propane tanks manufactured after 1995.

List Price:$34.54


You save:$15.31

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60% OFF – 3 DAYS ONLY – ENDS AUG 10 2014 MIDNIGHT PDT – Grill Brush 18” T-shaped 3 Sided – Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Bristles – Stronger Than Brass Grill Brush – Long Durable Easy Grip Handle Keeps Steam From Your Hand – One Of The Best Grill Accessories & BBQ Essentials – Great with Charcoal, Gas, Propane, or Smoke Grills, Especially Weber Grills – Safe For Porcelain Coated Grill Grates- Free BBQ Recipes Ebook Bonus – 1 Year No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

Does your grill brush have the following problems?

- Cheap bristles that tend to bend and fall out often?

- Useless for tough grease?

- Left it out in the rain and it rusts easily?

- Overpriced but won’t last long?

- Handle too long or too short?

The Oneteus Grill Brush

- Built to last – Highest quality material available

- Hard brush head holds bristles tightly in place

- Does not rust

- Quick and affordable

- Total length is “JUST RIGHT” (18 inch) keeps the steam and heat from getting on your hands

The Best Brush For Your Grill

- Stainless steel bristles are tough but safe for steel, porcelain coated, or cast iron grates

- Twisted stainless steel bristles strongly cover all 3 sides of the triangle, which means you can hold the brush at any angle and can still get to excess debris

- Cleans grease and burnt food perfectly well in less than 1 minute

Free Downloadable Ebook

- 20 BBQ Recipes for the Most Memorable Outdoor Get-togethers, Pool Parties, & Tailgating Fun

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Backed by One Year No Hassle Money Back Warranty

Click “Add to Cart” Right Now To Secure this Incredible Deal

List Price:$21.99


You save:$13.19

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Bayou Classic Single Burner Patio Stove

Bayou Classic Outdoor Patio Stoves are a revolution in outdoor cooking. These units far surpass the same tired backyard grill. They offer the widest range of cooking options, operating from a bare simmer to a blast flame! Strong enough to accommodate any size stockpot, fryer/steamer, cast iron cookware, or griddle. The square frame design allows for large stockpots, and this innovation greatly increases the strength.

List Price:$80.00


You save:$38.91

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Coleman PefectFlow 1-Burner Stove

Portable and powerful, the Coleman PerfectFlow 1-Burner Stove boasts a 10,000-BTU burner that adjusts from low to high for full control when you cook in the outdoors. The Stove’s 8″ bowl, pot-support system and wide base give you the stability you need. Coleman’s PerfectFlow pressure-control system and PerfectHeat technology make this stove fuel-efficient and reliable, even in cold weather, at high altitudes or when fuel is low.

List Price:$39.99


You save:$16.11

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Miniature Black BBQ Grill with Side Tray and Propane Tank for Dollhouses and Crafting

Miniature Black BBQ Grill with Side Tray and Propane Tank

List Price:$19.99


You save:$1.00

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Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 480 3-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner

The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Performance Grill is a 3-burner propane infrared stainless steel gas grill with a side burner. It features a patented infrared cooking system with 30,000 BTU stainless steel main burners, 3 grate level temperature gauges and a 10,000 BTU flush-lidded side burner. This grill features 660 square inch of total cooking area. Other features include a stainless steel lid, handles, and side shelves. This heavy duty, high end grill heats your food directly, locking in mouth watering flavors and juices, with no hot or cold spots or flare-ups. It’s the right choice for perfect grilling every time and also a great value.

Heating food directly, Char-Broil’s award-winning TRU-Infrared cooking system promises juicier food and fewer flare-ups – without hot or cold spots. Unlike traditional gas and charcoal grills that use convective heat (hot air) to cook food, TRU-Infrared grills use natural, radiant heat to cook food directly without drying it out. Traditional grilling works by burning fuel (typically propane gas or charcoal) to produce heat which is transferred to the air inside the firebox. In a process called convection cooking, the continually heated air rises upwards, circulating around the chamber as it transfers heat to food, causing it to cook. However, this constant flow of hot air can also dry food out, causing moisture to evaporate and carrying it away as steam. Most things that we eat have a naturally high moisture content – for example, meat is about 75% water – so the indirect heating method of convection cooking can shrink and shrivel even the juiciest burgers and veggies. TRU-Infrared technology limits the hot air flow by directly cooking food using radiant heat instead of convective heat. This works using a special plate above the heating element that absorbs heat and re-emits it in the form of infrared waves. Infrared (IR) waves travel through air to directly heat food, cutting out the intermediary step (using the air as a middle man) in convective cooking. If this seems a bit confusing, think of the warm feel of the sun on your skin or the “so hot you can fry an egg on it” sidewalk on a summer day; when the air temperature is in the 80′s or the 90′s (Fahrenheit), the pavement can reach temperatures up to 50 degrees hotter than that! The sidewalk is much hotter than the air because it’s heated by infrared waves emitted from the sun, which carry heat about 93 million miles until coming into contact with the solid ground. Since IR waves do not transfer heat until they hit a solid, they can travel through the air without warming it and directly transfer energy (heat) to the ground, or anything else they hit. Much like the sun, the radiant surface in TRU-Infrared grills emits IR waves which travel directly to your food without relying on hot, dry air, locking in natural juices and flavors for moister, juicier results. The infrared heat is evenly spread across the entire cooking surface, so there are no “hot spots” or “cold spots” to avoid, as there are on traditional grills. Plus, the radiant surface also shields food from direct flame, preventing flare-ups for a much simpler and safer grilling experience – TRU-Infrared technology is truly the next step in the evolution of outdoor cooking!

List Price:$284.99

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Char-Broil 14601997 Patio Bistro Gas Grill

The Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Gas Grill has an exclusive infrared cooking system that keeps food moist and juice. TRU-Infrared technology heats food directly, promising fewer flare-ups without hot or cold spots. For extra flavor, add real wood chips directly to the grilling grate. Its sleek and modern design makes it an added bonus to any apartment balcony or small patio; the wheels allow for mobility and the towel bar holds tools and accessories. The Bistro has Easy Light integrated ignition and a stainless steel cooking grate. The Patio Bistro has a primary cooking area of 240 sq. in. and a secondary cooking area of 80 sq. in. This size is perfect for grilling for friends in an intimate setting, allowing for 8-12 burgers to cook at a time. Assembled dimensions: 25.2″W x 24.4″D x 38.2″H.

List Price:$199.99


You save:$56.00

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Brinkmann Propane Tank Gauge

Never run out of gas again. With the Brinkmann propane tank gauge, you’ll know before you go that you won’t have to settle for finishing your burgers in the microwave.

List Price:$38.99


You save:$20.22

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Disposable Bottle Adapter- 1lb Propane Tank to Gas Grill Connector

It’s late in the evening and your local propane refill station is closed, so what do you do? You can give up OR you can use your BBQ BUDDY to hook up your standard 1lb propane tank to your gas grill. Now we’re cookin’. A great gift for dad. The BBQ Backup allows you to screw a standard, 1 lb. propane cylinder onto your gas grill, and with no time lost you’re ready to continue grilling. It also lets you hook up your gas grill to the gas system on your RV in case you have an unexpected outage. These are the same one-pound tanks that are available at nearly every hardware store and home center. In fact, you may even have one or two of these tanks in your home workshop as part of your soldering torch kit. Then, the following day, you can bring your tank in to have it refilled, when it is convenient for you – not when you have to.

List Price:$24.99


You save:$8.50

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