#1 Best Ultra-Fast Digital Meat Thermometer- Cooking Thermometer, BBQ Grill Thermometer, Food thermometer

Take temperatures on the fly with a response time that’s second to none. Whether you’re cooking at home or working in a professional kitchen or lab, the Epica delivers not just the speed, but also the accuracy, durability and convenience you require.

Lightning Fast Readouts

The exceptionally fine gauge of the stainless steel probe means you can get results in as little as 5 seconds, saving you time, while its generous length keeps your hands at a safe distance from hot meats or liquids. An easy-to-read LCD panel displays your choice of Fahrenheit or Centigrade. The Epica’s range is from -58° to 392°F (-50° to 200°C), and it’s accurate to within 1.8° between -3.8° and 247.8°F (1° between -19.9° and 119.9°C).

Min./Max. Temperature Memory

The Epica thermometer can also record and display the highest and lowest temperature sensed during the current session. This smart feature lets you test whether a consistent temperature is being maintained in deep-frying oil, poaching liquids, ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators.

10 Minute Auto Shutoff

No need to worry that you’ll accidentally drain the battery by forgetting to turn the thermometer off before putting it away. The Epica will power down after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Compact and Durable

The handy pocket size lets you carry the Epica anywhere, so it’s a great choice for a picnic or back yard barbeque. Made of high-density, food-grade plastic, its shaft has no joints where it could break or allow microbes to lodge. Rubberized control switches and a tough LCD panel complete this rugged construction. It has an international water resistance rating of IP65, making it safe to go in the dishwasher (with water up to 190°F).

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Grill Gloves – These Silicone Cooking Gloves Are Heat Resistant – 1 Pair – Best Kitchen Pot Holders and Oven Mitts with 5 Fingers – Add Them to Your BBQ Grilling Accessories Arsenal – Safety First – Protective Baking Gloves – Have a Perfect Barbecue Without Burning Your Hands – Lifetime Guarantee

Discover The Great Benefits Of The Silicone Grill Gloves

Put On Your Silicone Grill Gloves And Start Cooking Now Without Burning Your Hands
- The silicone gloves are designed with a five fingered grip
- The gloves cover up to your wrist
- Light, flexible, hygienic, durable and heat resistant
- Easy to clean

About The Silicone Cooking Gloves
The grill gloves are a unique and new alternative to the standard oven mitts. Made from durable material and engineered with a 5- fingers both hands design. The gloves are easy to use and easy to clean. The most safe material for use in food handling, cooking, baking, barbecue and grilling! The overall goal is to achieve the highest possible standard for safety! We proudly presents you with the perfect kitchen accessory that protects hands from high heath and handles hot products with a firm grip.

Features and Benefits

- Heat resistant up to 446F (230°C)
- One Size Fits All Design
- Waterproof
- A flexible glove with no slip

- Take out your food from the oven safely
- Carve hot meat by hand without the fear of getting burned
- Take out your food from boiling water
- Turn over your meat, chicken, pork or any other BBQ food without getting burned

As a bonus you will receive a FREE Ebook (121 pages) with suggested recipes so you can start cooking your favorite dishes today! This Ebook covers:
- Oven recipes
- Grilling recipes
- Marinades and sauces

Our Service
The silicone grill gloves (1 pair) will be delivered in a coloured box with instructions and a thank you card. Once you purchased the grilling gloves, we will follow up by email to see everything is ok.

Not satisfied? Return the gloves for a full refund!

Click the buy button at the top of this page to protect your hands from burning!

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Brinkmann 44-Inch by 30-Inch Grill Mat

The Brinkmann 44-inch x 30-inch Grill Mat is the ideal ‘placemat’ for your grill. It is oil and flame resistant, cleans easily with warm soapy water and feels good under your feet while you are cooking.

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Hellfire BBQ Gloves Protect from Flames and Heat up to 666F–That’s Devilishly Hot! Premium Barbecue and Kitchen Heat Resistant Mitt has 5 Flexible Fingers for Grill, Smoker, Oven Baking, Fireplace, or Withstanding Eternal Torment! Non-slip Silicone Grip — Professional Quality Accessory could also Save Your Afterlife! 666 Day Satisfaction Guarantee is Unique

#1 Heat Resistant Gloves For Oven, BBQ, & Hellfire – Guaranteed for 666 days!

If your cooking style is all Habaneros & Jalapenos, and each meal your stomach is cheating Death, why risk your hands, too?

Will not catch fire or melt when exposed to open flame.

This professional quality Barbecue & Kitchen glove could also save your AFTERLIFE!

* 2 gloves (one pair) in the box
* One size fits most mortals
* Extra-long cuff protects wrist from grills & oven racks (and hot Tridents!)
* Non-slip silicone grip on both sides
* Comfortable & flexible
* 100% Cotton lining
* Strong & Durable
* Hanging loop for storage
* Machine Washable

When your Time comes, and you are shocked, SHOCKED! to see you’ve arrived at the OTHER GATE, you’ll be glad to have Hellfire gloves along!

NOTE: They do NOT protect against hot liquids or steam. (It’s a dry heat down where you are going!)

* BBQ Grills & Smokers
* Kitchen Ovens & Racks
* Hot Pots & Pans
* Fireplace Tools & Logs
* Car Repair
* Light Bulb Changing
* Eternal Torment Tolerance!

Made of Meta-Aramid & Para-Aramid fibers, often used in Firefighting, Aerospace, & Military fields where heat or bullet resistance is needed (Nomex & Kevlar).

50 page BBQ eBook included!

Great Gift! Save your spouse from Eternal Torment! (Or not.)

666 day, “Come Hell or High Water”, 100% money-back, hassle-free guarantee. The only one of its kind!

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Meat Shredder Claws for Pulled Pork – Free BBQ Recipe Book – Meat Handler Forks for Shredding Pulled Pork, Chicken, Beef, Brisket, Turkey, Hams, Roasts, and Any Other Meat That Needs to Be Pulled or Shredded – Bear Claw Shape Makes Shredding Meat Quick and Easy Compared to Regular BBQ Forks – Use Both Meat Handling Forks for Picking up Hot Food in the Kitchen – Meat Claws Also Used for Stabilizing When Carving Turkey, Watermelon, and Ham – Great for Mixing Salads and Vegetables – Unique Gift for Your Dad, Husband, Uncle, or Son – Best Meat Shredder Claws Come with Cave Tools No Questions Asked Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Finally Meat Claws That Shred, Handle and Carve Meat with Minimal Effort

Cave Tool Seen On:National Barbecue Association, BBQ Central Radio Station, Outdoor Cooking Channel, The “Q” Review

Why Cave Tools Has the Best Meat Shredder Forks on the Market

- Meat Claws Have 6 Prongs Each Making Them Three Times Faster Than Regular BBQ Forks

- Comfortable Handles so you can Carry and Shred Hot Meat Without Dropping or Burning Your Hand

- Heat Resistant BPA Free BBQ Claws so you Never Have To Worry About The Tips Melting

- Meat Handler Forks are Dishwasher Safe for Easy Clean-Up

- Must Have Cooking Tool for Pulling Pork and Handling Meat

- LIFETIME FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you feel your shredder forks don’t live up to expectations, feel free to return it no questions asked.

Buy Now and Receive a Free Barbecue Recipe Book

Free download of “The Grill Master’s Essential Barbecue Recipe Book” complete with DIY Bbq Sauce Recipes, Ribs, Chicken, Kabobs And More.

Step By Step Directions Make These 25 Professional Bbq Recipes Great For The Family.

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Spiedini / Spiducci / Skewers Charcoal Grill, Made in Italy (45″)

Spiedini / Spiducci / Skewers Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill, 45″, Made in Italy

This is a traditional long and narrow “spiedini” charcoal grill for grilling kebabs and other small pieces of meat on short wooden or metal skewers. The body is made from stainless steel, the legs from regular painted steel, and the grills are chromium. The grill allows you to use the bbq as a regular charcoal grill without skewers. 10 skewers are included with the grill. The grill has a charcoal-holding grid at the bottom so your hot charcoal stays up and is not extinguished by the ashes it generates. It also has holes along its length for ventilation. All this allows for a very hot long-lasting fire perfect for juicy skewer grilling.

We have 2 sizes, please select yours:

1) 25.5″ long, 5.5″ wide and 4.7″ deep (from top to bottom). 10 lb. This is enough for approx. 30 skewers at a time.

2) 45″ long, 5.5″ wide and 4.7″ deep (from top to bottom). 16.5 lb. This is enough for approx. 50 skewers at a time.

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Set of 2 Super Tough BBQ Grill Mats – Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Cooking! -Makes Grilling and Clean up Easy – Leaves Perfect Grill Marks – 100% Non-Stick – Use Hundreds of Times! – Top Rated BBQ Tool -Perfect for Gas, Charcoal, or Electric Grills – Dishwasher Safe, Best 2014 Must Have Grilling Tool -Healthy Grill Mat for all Outdoor Grills – Tailgating, Camping, Picnics – Protect Your Weber or George Foreman Grill – Made out of TEFLON (PTFE), FDA APPROVED and PFOA FREE – Lifetime Guarantee!

Set of 2 Super Tough BBQ Grill Mats – Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Cooking! -Makes Grilling and Clean up Easy – Leaves Perfect Grill Marks – 100% Non-Stick – Use Hundreds of Times! – Top Rated BBQ Tool -Perfect for Gas, Charcoal, or Electric Grills – Dishwasher Safe, Best 2014 Must Have Grilling Tool -Healthy Grill Mat for all Outdoor Grills – Tailgating, Camping, Picnics – Protect Your Weber or George Foreman Grill – Made out of TEFLON (PTFE), FDA APPROVED and PFOA FREE – Lifetime Guarantee!

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★Limited Introduction Offer★ BBQ Grill Brush 12 inch, World’s best Stainless steel barbecue Grill Brush– One of the Best BBQ Accessories and Tools Around – This BBQ Grill Brush is the Perfect Accessory for Cleaning Charcoal, Gas, Electric and Infrared Outdoor BBQ Grills**FDA Certified and LFGB Approved**Money Back Guarantee**As Seen On TV**PRICE WILL GO UP SOON! Don’t mis this opportunity!


J&M Enterprise offers you The Best Grill Brush On The BBQ Planet

- Where most grill brushes leave scratches on your porcelain coated grill, this grill brush is safe for whatever grill you have.

- The bristles are extra thick and stiff so even after using it several times the bristles won’t flatten.

- This brush is so sturdy that it will not bend under pressure!


Sometimes the weather is right, you’re hungry and you’re totally ready for a party. BBQ-time everyone would say! But if you think about the hard-to-clean grill, that you have to deal with when the party is over, you’re party mood is going down.

Keep up the spirit, we are here to safe your partymood

- The bristles of this grill brush point in different directions. This makes it SOOO EASY to clean all the hard-to-reach places.

- Don’t worry anymore about hours of cleaning after the party. You will be done in a sec now!

- The special ergonomic grip will prevent you from pain.

- This brush is dishwasher safe and will be as clean as your grill after washing!

Not satisfied? Money back Guaranteed! Be quick, get this amazing grill brush before the price will go up again. Make sure you get this brush before you start partying

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Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer Set – NEWEST VERSION With a Larger Display and added Features with Original Meathead Meat Tempearture Magnet Guide • Silver

The ET-733 is the newest long-range wireless meat thermometer by Maverick. This third-generation version introduces many new features to make your cooking and grilling easier and more precise

The wireless receiver clips onto your belt and fits in your pocket to let you monitor your BBQ wirelessly from indoors or across the lawn. While your meat is grilling, the receiver communicates with the probe to update you in real time. It constantly displays the meat’s current temperature, and can sound an alarm at any temperature you desire for a perfect cook every time.

The ET-733 features a larger screen and displays both the target-high and target-low temperatures. Two probes* are included to monitor two individual things at the same time: 1 food and 1 BBQ; 2 individual foods; or 2 separate BBQs. The new larger screen displays both temperatures all the time. Setting target temperatures is even easier, with NEW preset temperatures for 6 meats and 9 game meats (Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken & Turkey Deer, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Rabbit Boar, Duck, Bird & Fish).

• Set includes receiver, transmitter, 2 hybrid probes, 2 grill clips
• Monitors 2 things at once! 1 food & 1 BBQ; or 2 foods; or 2 BBQS
• 3-foot probe wires are rated for 716°F
• Settings are stored even when receiver is off
• Customize preset temperatures to personal taste
• Adjust temperature settings by pressing HI or LO
• A larm alerts you when preset temperature is reached
• Loss of signal alert sounds if you go out of range for more than 60 seconds
• Generous 300-foot wireless range
• Select between °F and °C
• 4 AAA batteries included
*Note: 2nd-generation ET-732 model includes 1 meat probe and 1 smoker probe. Newer ET-733 includes 2 meat probes, as most people use this for Grilling and not for smoking.

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You save:$40.00

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TeiKis – BBQ Grill Mat (2) and Skewer (2) – Heavy Duty Non-Stick Grill Mats and Flexible Grilling Skewers – Do NOT put the mat in direct contact with flames

TeiKis – BBQ Grill Set – Grill Mat and Skewer

Package includes : 2 units of BBQ Grill Mats + 2 units of BBQ Grill Skewers
Teikis Brand – 100% money back guarantee & 2 years warranty

Product Feature
Perfect replacement for aluminium foil
Stop food from falling through the cracks.
Best for bacon, fish, small meat, vegetables and more
Non-stick mat that cooks food evenly and keeps your grill clean
100% Non-stick, reusable and reversible
Grill mat is PTFE coated, skewers are stainless steel

Wash the BBQ Gill Mat before your first use
Never heat the mat exceeding 500°F
Do NOT place the mat in direct contact with flames
Avoid using sharp utensils on the mat
Simply wash the mat in warm soapy water or the dishwasher
Store the mat flat – Dishwasher safe or wipe clean

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