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Grill Brush 18” – Heavy Duty Extremely Effective BBQ Brush – Brass Bristles Are Strong But Will Not Scratch Your Grill – Perfectly Safe For Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grates – One of the Best Grill Accessories & BBQ Essentials You Can Find – Great with Charcoal, Gas, Propane, or Smoke Grills, Especially Weber Grills – Impressive Gift for Men – Free BBQ Recipes Ebook Bonus – 1 Year No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

Does your grill brush have the following problems?

- Cheap bristles that tend to bend and fall out often?

- Useless for tough grease?

- Overpriced but won’t last long?

- Handle too long or too short?

Introducing the Oneteus Grill Brush – Built to last – Highest quality material available – Hard brush head holds bristles tightly in place – Quick and affordable – Handle length is “JUST RIGHT” (18”) keeps the steam and heat from getting on your hands

The Best Brush For Your Grill

- Brass bristles are tough but safe for steel, porcelain coated, or cast iron grates

- Twisted brass bristles strongly cover all 3 sides of the triangle, which means you can hold the brush at any angle and can still get to excess debris

- Cleans grease and burnt food perfectly well in less than 1 minute

Free Downloadable Ebook

– 20 BBQ Recipes for the Most Memorable Outdoor Get-togethers, Pool Parties, & Tailgating Fun


Backed by One Year No Hassle Money Back Warranty

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GREAT AUSSIE BBQ GRILL BRUSH – 18″ Heavy Duty – Best Tool for Easy Clean Between Grill Grates – Stainless Steel Bristles Stronger Than Brass – Free Delivery (2 or More) – Safe for Porcelain, Charcoal, Weber, Electric, Gas – Money Back Guarantee – Gift Box – The Great Aussie Grill Brush Is a Great Barbecue Accessory and Gift for the “BBQ Man”.


• When you start using the Great Aussie Grill Brush you will quickly appreciate the innovative design features that make this grill brush the perfect BBQ grill grate cleaning tool. This brush is a serious HEAVY DUTY BBQ tool made of the highest quality materials. The long handle allows you to easily and safely clean the grill while it is still hot.

• The innovative design allows you to feel confident that this brush will protect your BBQ investment and will enhance your BBQ cooking.

• Stainless steel bristles are strong and more durable than brass bristles yet are safe for use with porcelain coated grill grates or Weber grills.

• We have all angles covered. The wide head and spiral design of bristles mean that the brush can be used in different directions for more effective cleaning. Our innovative design has added extra bristles around the corners of the brush for easier removal of cooking residue that gets baked on between the grill grates.

• This brush is the perfect balance of strength, sturdiness and length to reach hard to get grease and grime while being safe for hot grill and steam action cleaning.

• This is a PREMIUM PRODUCT designed and manufactured to our particular specifications to make the task of cleaning your grill grates an easy one.

• We believe that the product features of the Great Aussie Grill Brush allow you to be as confident as we are that this is a GREAT BBQ Tool and does the job in minutes allowing you to enjoy great BBQ meals.





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Perfect Christmas gift – BBQ grill mat – Set of 2 barbecue cooking mats Make grilling easy – As seen on TV – 100% Non-stick Perfect for Veggies, Seafood and more – Grill without a spill – Reusable Easy to wash Fits perfect Weber grills Free Lifetime “No Hassle” Money Back Guarantee

The secret of the most delicious grilled vegetables, shrimps and fish

The Best BBQ Grill Mat to prepare your delicious launch and diner with

– Cook the smallest, most delicate foods with ease

- Keeps your BBQ clean

- High quality


Stop food from falling through the cracks! Great for vegetables, bacon, fish, shrimps and more!


– Reusable and easy to clean

- 100% Non-stick

- Heavy duty material, double thickness 0.2mm

- Do not heat the mat exceeding 500°F. Do NOT place the mat in direct contact with flames. Avoid using sharp utensils on the mat. Simply wash the mat in warm soapy water or the dishwasher


Lifetime “No Hassle” Money Back Guarantee

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Busman’s Premium Grill Brush 18″ ✹The Perfect BBQ Tool ✹ Durable Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Bristles ✹ The Best Barbecue Grill Brush Available ✹ Scratch Free Design is Safe on Porcelain and Enamel Grates ✹ Professionally Designed, This is The Perfect Accessory For Maximum Cleaning of Your Electric, Char-Broil, Weber Or Infrared Outdoor BBQ Grill ✹Free E- book With Pit Master Tips ✹ Comes With Bushman’s 12 Month Money Back Guarantee.


And how to never again risking your expensive BBQ investment.

Have you experience these poor results from your previous grill brushes?

- Weak handle easily bends while applying pressure
– Accessing and cleaning the corners of the grates
- Damaging or scratching porcelain grill surfaces
- Burning your arm and hair while cleaning

Clean your grill EASILY IN MATTER OF MINUTE! Introducing Bushman’s proven Barbecue grill brush, the only brush you will ever need!

- EFFECTIVE CLEAN ergonomically designed grip for EASY grill cleaning
– SCRATCH FREE bristles with dense structure allow smooth clean and Safe for use with porcelain coated grills grates.
– SAFE TO USE Ideal 18-inch length protecting you from getting burnt
– DURABLE Heavy duty industrial plastic is reinforced with a twisted wire shaft to insure long lasting performance

Why the Bushman’s bbq grill brush is the best for you?

- Unique 3-sided bristles design significantly helps you to clean your grill in between grates and in the hard to reach corners
- STAINLESS STEEL bristles will not rust and will not get flattened

BUY Bushman’s Grill BBQ brush TODAY and get our

1. FREE complete step-by-step e-Book “HOW TO BECOME A BARBECUE CHAMPION”. The grill masters secrets you always wanted to know!

2. FREE complete step-by-step e-Book ” RECIPES OF THE GRILL “. Full of delicious and easy to prepare BBQ recipes


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Oregon Scientific RGR126N Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station with Thermometer

Our Newest Wireless Rain Gauge with Outdoor Temperature and Ten Day Memory is our favorite rain gauge. Having your very own rain gauge can be a fun and exciting way for you and your family to get involved with weather instruments. Rain gauges can also provide useful information to many outdoor enthusiasts. Sit back and enjoy the rain and check it weekly to find out if your lawn or garden needs additional watering. The Benefits of a wireless rain gauge? To derive the best results from a rain gauge, proper placement is crucial. Choose an open space that isn’t blocked by trees, walls or buildings to place the gauge. To gain an accurate picture of the precipitation that has fallen, read and record the measurements each day at approximately the same time. At the end of each week, determine the amount of precipitation that has fallen by adding the daily totals. Simply put, know how much water you’re using to water you lawn or garden. Horticulturists love to measure the precipitation in and out of a green house. Used as an invaluable tool to help farmers and landowners measure moisture. This is a great Rain Gauge for: Home Owners, Farmers, Greenskeepers, Schools, Industries, Contractors, Airports, Orchardists, Hobbyists, Citrus Growers, Conservationists, Truck Gardeners, Government Agencies, Water Departments, Highway Departments, Agriculture and Horticulturists. Extremely accurate measurements! Increments of .04 Inch will allow you to know precisely how much water you are putting down. Avoid getting wet to monitor rainfall with the included wireless display unit. Data is transmitted from a football field away (Wireless transmission range up to 300 feet from PCR800 Wireless Self Emptying Rain Collector) (Up to 100 feet from remote wireless THN802 Wireless Temperature Sensor) All accessories included plus three AA batteries. Replace batteries every 12 months (use Lithium AA batteries for longer battery life and for temperatures that reach minus 22F or below. Daily rainfall and cumulative rainfall history is stored over the past nine days on the main display unit for easy reference. This feature is cool. Set your High daily rainfall alarm so you know when to turn off the irrigation sprinkler for controlled watering. The four line display of the main unit lets you see at a glance the Time, outdoor temperature, rain today and collected rainfall total. Bonus is that it compliments any garden or yard décor. Did you know? Plants need 1”-1.5” of water per week. Deep infrequent waterings are better than several light waterings. Deep Roots require less supplemental irrigation. Taller plants have deeper roots. Irrigation decisions are based on the soil water content. This Oregon Scientific RGR126N is the perfect tool for the monitoring of moisture. The Rain Gauge does so much more that we give it credit for. Enjoy!

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Weber 6670 Large/X-Large Premium Barbeque Glove Set

To ensure maximum dexterity at the grill reach for these high-temperature gloves with silicone grip pattern on palm. Set of 2 for large to extra-large hand sizes.

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Weber Portable Charcoal Table

Perfect for tailgaters and campers-goes up in minutes and stores flat. Legs lock in place to keep your grill from moving while in use. Designed to fit Weber portable grills. Fits the following grills: • Smokey Joe Silver charcoal grill • Smokey Joe Gold charcoal grill • Jumbo Joe charcoal grill • Go-Anywhere charcoal grill • Go-Anywhere gas grill.

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Barbecue Grill Brush – Weber Stainless Steel Cleaner – 16 inch Long Handle – Barbeque Brass Bristles – Inspired Grill Instruments Home Kitchen Tools – Durable – No Questions Asked No Hassle Money Back One Year Guarantee – No Damage To Grill – Best Quality – FREE Ebook Bonus With Many Delicious BBQ Recipes

Nothing makes steaks, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, fish and meats more delicious than a red hot grill, but after you’ve enjoyed your delicious BBQ meal, there is always a mess waiting for you back at the grill. The baked-on grime that accumulates on the grill can be nearly impossible to remove if you allow it to cool, but cleaning while the grill is still hot usually means putting yourself at risk for burns. With the Stainless Steel and Brass Barbecue Grill Brush, you can solve the problem of how to clean a dirty grill safely once and for all and get even the dirtiest of cleaning jobs done in no time at all!!

The Stainless Steel and Brass Barbecue Grill Brush is uniquely designed to allow you to clean your grill while it is still warm to the touch when dirt is easiest to lift away. An extra long 16-inch handle keeps your hands safely away from the grill surface, and its no-slip grip makes it easy to hold onto even if your hands are greasy or wet with sweat during the hot summer months. The handle is constructed out of heavy-duty stainless steel, making it resistant to heat and corrosion alike.

When you BUY NOW you are backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a money-back guarantee, the Stainless Steel and Brass Barbecue Grill Brush will make cleaning the barbecue an effortless task.
ORDER TODAY! and get this awesome limited BONUS free BBQ recipe book packed with more than 20 meal ideas!

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Weber 6474 Barbecue Apron, Black

Look like a true grill professional through the charcoal heatwaves with a Weber apron embroidered with the iconic kettle in red. Designed with deep pockets for storage of spices, tools, rags and more. Adjusts at neck and ties at waist for custom fit. 100-percent cotton construction.

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100% Stainless Steel 3-sided BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush for Your Weber, Charcoal, Gas, Electric or Infared Outdoor BBQ – Heavy Duty Long All Stainless Steel Handle and Bristle Make Any Grill Clean up Quick and Easy – This Sleek Design Cleaner Brush is the Best Tool and Accessory for Your Grill – 1-year Hassle-free Guarantee

Join Thousands of People Who Have Discovered the Secret to Cleaning Their Grill Quickly, Easily and Cheaply!

Are you tired of over-priced grill brushes that have these common problems?

– Cheap plastic handles that break, melt or off-gas odor and toxins..

- Bristles that bend or shed easily causing choking hazards..

- Brush heads that can’t clean between the rods and along the sides but leave scratch marks..

Introducing the best value Grill’n BBQ Grill Brush!

– 100% plastic-free and all stainless steel shaft AND handle that won’t melt or deform near heat.

- Industrial grade stainless steel bristles strong enough to scrape off carbon but safe for use with porcelain coated grill grates.

- Stiff spiral-bound bristle construction that won’t flatten and cleans in multiple directions simultaneously.

Cleaning Your Grill Has Never Been So Easy!

– Simply preheat the grill, dip the bristles in a bowl of water, and brush away baked on food residue and grease.

- Thicker longer bristles clean all the nooks and crannies.

- Dishwasher-safe and guaranteed not to gunk up.

We Stand by Our Product

– 30-day risk-free 100% money back guarantee
- 1-year no-hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee or we replace your product

Bonus – For a limited time, all orders will come with a copy of the Easy Grill’n ebook!

Add to Cart now to take advantage of this great offer!

List Price:$14.99

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